Aromatherapy Workshop

When: August 2nd-4th, 2019
Fri evening 6-9pm
Sat & Sun: 10am-6pmWhere: Calabasas

Join me for a very special workshop where I am going to teach how to blend essential oils and how to use them for healing. One of the foundational skills to learn is how to develop a discerning nose. I will be sharing some of the precious oils obtained from my last trip to India, including sacred flowers. I will also be selling essential oil kits for you to be able to create your own blends. A lot of essential oils used for healing are not available in stores. You will learn how to create blends to use for making misters, baths, body serums & lotions and diffuser blends. This class is great for beginners and for people who have experience, there is always something new to learn.

Essential oils are powerful healing remedies that can be used for so many treatments, from first aid (treating cuts, burns and bruises) to emotional and spiritual healing, there are infinite combinations you can make. Scent is a very personal thing, it is so nice to be able to make your own combinations. 

Cost: $897 Student price: $497 (with valid ID)

For questions about the workshop: call 310-593-4527 or send us an email 

I took this photo below from the market in Mumbai. It was so amazing to see so many lotus flowers for sale. The oil from this flower is so beautiful, my favorite of all the lotus flowers.

The smell as you walk through the markets in India is intoxicating! These tuberose were one of my favorite. I have quite a bit of the oil left from the last trip. It one of the main notes in my Love blend. I love to spray it on my sheets before I go to bed. Sleep surrounded by blissful fragrances!

Of all the oils I brought home, I think people love michaelia champaca flowers the most. The fragrance is so potent. The flowers are used to make garlands for the temple.