Alkaline Salts

I've found these phour salts to be very helpful in reducing overall acidity and inflammation in the body. Formulated by a gastroenterologist friend of mine, I have used these myself to reduce acidity. Acidity can build up in the body for a number of reasons, usually it's from eating an excess of foods and liquids that are highly acidic such as coffee, alcohol and carbonated beverages. I also find it helpful for post workout, to prevent buildup of lactic acid. To determine the dosage, I recommend buying ph strips and monitoring your urine. The goal is to keep the urine pH at or above 7.3. 

I also consider it an electrolyte and good for replenishing after any kind of sweating. It contains four important mineral salts – sodium bicarbonate, sagnesium carbonate, potassium bicarbonate, and calcium carbonate

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