Dr. Matea provides general healthy consultations for people looking for natural alternatives such as cleansing diets, herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, and vitamin injections or IV therapy. She also provides aromatherapy consultations, a visit focused on her custom, compounding you an essential oil formula. 

There are two ways to consult with Dr. Matea: In Person or Phone. To request an appointment, call: (310) 593-4527. In person consultations are done in Woodland Hills, California only. Dr. Matea is no longer offering house calls. 

Once you have scheduled an appointment with Dr. Matea you will need to fill out a health history form. Once completed, please send to the above email. HealthHistoryFormPDF


What to expect during a consultation: You will be asked to fill out a history form. Dr. Matea will review your history form and any laboratory tests, discuss your current issues and goals, and perform an examination if necessary. Then three things are provided:

  • Assessment – The doctor will give you her assessment of your health status, causes of any conditions you are struggling with, and opinion on the best approach to treatment.
  • Additional Testing suggested – The doctor may order additional tests. See diagnostic tests.
  • Customized treatment plan – Including detailed dietary plans, supplements, custom herbs, essential oils, vitamin injections, IV therapy, and body treatments such as lymphatic massage and craniosacral therapy.


Conditions Dr. Matea treats: Dr. Matea’s practice is primarily for people in the entertainment industry. She specializes in peak performance – designing nutritional protocols for professional athletes and entertainers who want to stay in optimal health. The following are some of the common conditions treated: Anti-aging strategies, fatigue, stress/burnout, insomnia, nightmares, addiction, depression, anxiety, skin conditions – eczema, acne, psoriasis, allergies, digestive problems – reflux, constipation, Krohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, hormone problems – amenorrhea, infertility, dysmenorrhea.


Conditions Dr. Matea does not treat: Advanced cancer, Parkinson’s disease, ALS, Lupus.