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Our commitment to quality extends beyond just organic. We work to find raw materials from farms that practice sustainable and regenerative farming methods. Dr Matea, our founder, travels to visit farms in the United States, India and other countries to see first hand how plants are cultivated and harvested..

White Rose Moisturizer
White Rose Moisturizer
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Dr Matea's Protection Aura Mist is of the highest vibration I've ever used and as a therapist, my clients response has been consistently positive. I suggest you stock up on this phenomenal product!

Wendy Allamby, CHt, AACT

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Aphrodisiac Bath Recipe

Aphrodisiac Bath Recipe

I love creating new aphrodisia formulas. A bath with the right essential oils can be so sensual and blissful! Here is my latest aphrodisiac bath recipe: Sandalwood: 6 drops Vanilla: 2 drops ...
Return to Bliss Aromatherapy Bath

Return to Bliss Aromatherapy Bath

If you are having a stressful or busy day it always helps to come home and take a bath to relax. I came up with an essential oil bath recipe to help you return to bliss and dissolve the stress of t...
Sandalwood- Peace

Sandalwood- Peace

Sandalwood is one of the most precious essential oils that we have. Its’ fragrance is so prized, that it is currently endangered. This is because Sandalwood is one of the only trees in which the ...

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Bringing you the finest essential oils for healing and inspiration is our passion. Doctor formulated and tested.

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