Choose from our collection of 100% pure, exceptional quality essential oils. All oils are either organic, wild-crafted or ethically harvested from artisan distilleries.

What does wild-crafted mean? This means that the plant are collected from nature in the wild, they were not cultivated such as planted in a green house, garden or farm. Although they are not designated as "organic" some of them have the most exquisite fragrance and they are not sprayed with chemicals since they are found in the wild.

Ethically harvested: we obtain products from farms that are utilizing sustainable methods of growing and harvesting, that pay their workers adequate wages and are treated fairly. The plants are not sprayed with pesticides, although they have not gone through the expensive and lengthy process to obtain official status as organic.

I have visited farms personally to see all the operations and have been impressed with the care and concern for the land, plants and people involved in harvesting, growing and distilling. 

We are not currently set up for bulk sizing. Most of our oils are offered in 10ml size. Some oils which are more expensive are offered in 5ml size to make it affordable and others are offered in larger sizes for convenience, for diffusing or making products. Some oils which are more expensive are offered in a 10% concentration diluted in organic jojoba oil. If you do not see a size you are desiring, please contact us and we may be able to accommodate your request.