Aromadivina is an essential oil company dedicated to bringing healing to the planet through innovative essential oil products and sharing the art of aromatherapy. Founded by naturopathic doctor, Matea Polisoto in 2002, we’ve been sourcing, blending and selling essential oils going on two decades.

We feel a deep reverence and respect for nature and try to honor this is all we do, from our sourcing, bottling and packaging, to our blending and product development. We seek out artisan distillers and small farms that use biodynamic farming principles. All of our oils are either organic or wild-crafted, harvested from nature without chemicals.

Our customers value that our products are doctor formulated and tested, but we feel the magic comes from our spiritual perspective. We believe that plants are sentient beings and have intelligent consciousness.

Dr. Matea:

“I was trained by Medicine Women. When someone was in need of healing, they first appealed to the spiritual world, they prayed and asked for the healing. Then they allowed the Deva’s, the spirit of the plant to guide them and tell them what to put into the medicine. They custom made every medicine, a unique formula for each person.

When I saw this, I became obsessed and wanted to be like them. I wanted to be able to communicate with the plants and natural world as well. Initially, I couldn’t hear a thing, until I went to an essential oil presentation. We meditated with the oils and I had a mystical experience, seeing, hearing and receiving healing from the plant Deva of Frankincense. I felt more love in that moment than I had in my whole life. I realized the that Devic Kingdom is real and plants witness all we do.

From then on, I used the Medicine Women approach to blending. I never followed any rules like using low notes, high notes etc. I just told the Deva’s who needed healing, for what condition and asked who wanted to help. Then I listened. I received spiritual guidance on how to make each formula. Therefore, the formulas don’t come from me, they are gifts from the Deva’s and the Nature kingdom. I’m just the vessel.

The formulas made this way were more effective. Whenever I tried to make something from reading a research study or book on aromatherapy, the results were not as powerful. I believe listening to our intuition and spiritual guidance is more effective. We are seeing diseases today we have never seen before and we have to innovate, try new things in order to heal.”

Our Philosophy

We have a “spare no expense philosophy” when it come to ingredients. We like to select only the best, highest quality essential oils from artisan distillers. The sole focus of some companies is to profit, so they are not selective. They just get a copacker to put any oil in the bottle. The goal is to buy low (cheap) and sell high. We believe you can feel this, it pervades the product and the whole company. If there are several grades of oils to buy from, we choose the finest, the most expensive. We are more concerned with results. Our formulations came from our founder’s naturopathic clinical practice, trying to find unique solutions to every day challenges people face.

The other reasons our blends are unique:

1. We use rare and precious oils that are infrequently found in commercial products due to their cost and availability. Examples are the rare and precious rose alba we use in many blends, the wonderful cape chamomile from South Africa and the special spikenard from Nepal. These oils have incredible healing properties and we feel are worth the added expense.

2. We use complex formulations, sometimes using 20-40 or more oils per blend. We feel this creates a powerful synergistic healing effect

3. We innovate and find new healing properties of oils by using an intuitive approach. An example is using cistus in our lymph blend. We’ve had great results using this for many conditions.

4. We have tested the products over years and found which formulas get results.

Our customers appreciate the the depth and complexity of our blends as well as the caliber of the oils we use.

Our Practices

All of our products are hand poured in small batches to preserve the quality. You just don’t feel the same quality when oils are bottled in large batches with machinery. We also feel it’s important to make sure our suppliers honor fair-trade practices and treat the people who farm and harvest the plants well. We visit the farms to see first hand the work environment where oils are produced.

The signature blends that were are offering are based on the most common issues people request healing for. Our desire is to help relieve your stress, relax your mind, protect your body and uplift your spirit. We accomplish this with our signature blends.

Anisa - a beautiful floral blend, a natural perfume and alternative to synthetic perfume

Divine Beloved - floral essential oils uplift the spirit and open the heart

Heaven’s Arrival - a calming, nurturing blend to assist with childbirth or giving birth to creative projects

Lymph flow - purifying oils cleanse the lymphatic system, support immune health

Protection Mister - calming and spiritually protective essential oils help you to feel safe

Renew & Release - grounding, helps to release fear and renew strength

Stress Release - calming oils relax the muscles and nervous system

Utopia - an earthy, masculine fragrance, a great alternative to cologne