Aromatherapy is the most beautiful healing art. The delightful aromas gathered from the roots, wood, bark, leaves, fruit, and flowers of plants are truly gifts from nature. Plants provide us with so many things; incense, perfume, massage oils, diffuser aromas, bath oils, and cosmetics. Like flavors in the kitchen, aromas give us spice to life. 

The application of essential oils to the body is a sacred art. I have been a practitioner and continuous student of this art for many years. The variety of uses and combinations of oils you can create is endless and never ceases to amaze me. Essential oils can be used for pleasure, beauty, enjoyment, and healing. 

When you apply oils to the body, it creates a healing alchemical reaction that transforms and inspires. They are excellent to use before daily spiritual practice such as yoga, prayer, and meditation. The purifying effect enhances our mental clarity and balances our emotional and physical health. The fragrances also purify the atmosphere, hence their daily use in churches, temples, and places of worship. Plant resins such as frankincense are burned, so that their fragrance is pleasing to God. It is an act of devotion and worship. How beautiful is this practice!

The discovery of aromatic essences from plants is ancient and can be seen in many cultures worldwide. These essences were so valuable, they were transported thousands of miles and traded like gold. 

For centuries, people have searched for nature's remedies for the secret to vibrant health and beauty. The answers can be found in the Nature Kingdom. 

I found out about aromatherapy while studying in naturopathic medical school. I had an awakening to the beauty and wonders of the Nature Kingdom and the Angel Devas of the plants. Their guidance, instruction, and healing have been my constant companion ever since. 

Plants are not inert things. They are alive and have intelligence beyond what most people realize. Each plant has a spirit. They are also called Devas, which means: shining one. They appear like angels towering above each plant. I learned to communicate with the Devas from my mentorship with Native American medicine women. When making medicine for people, they would appeal to the spirit world for help, calling upon the ancestors and nature spirits. They were herbalists. They would make plant medicines by asking the plants what to use, not from their intellect. To me, this was an act of humble reverence which moved me. I witnessed powerful, miraculous healing. The medicine women were kind, gentle yet powerful.

All healing comes from God through the heavenly emissaries, the Archangels. Early in my training, with my very first patient, an angel appeared and told me why the person was ill and what to do for them. They experienced complete healing from what they thought was a terminal illness. This set the foundation for my practice of being both a doctor and a healer. I believe in the rigorous study of science and medicine but also utilize the power of prayer and intercession through spiritual healing.

I have a bachelors of science in biochemistry and a naturopathic medical degree from the National University of Natural Medicine but also spent many years going through spiritual training and disciplines. My family greatly disproved of combining spirituality and medicine, but I was inspired by Larry Dossey, MD, who has led the way in promoting prayer in medicine. After attending a workshop with him, I started to ask each patient if they wanted to pray first before their visit, in their tradition. I found people were pleased, and I was inspired by hearing prayers in different languages and traditions. It only took a quick minute or two to set the stage for our visit and, I believe, deeper healing.

My particular spiritual background is: I am a follower of Christ Jesus and Mother Mary. My birth family was Catholic. I enjoyed studying other religions, and I firmly believe in the universality of all religions. I believe religious tolerance is essential for this world to move into an era of peace and harmony.

My current spiritual teacher is the Hindu saint, Mata Amritanandamayi also called Amma. She introduced me to Hinduism and the beautiful spirituality of India, for which I am most grateful. Following the bhakti-yoga path has helped me have more compassion and love for people. I support her charities as they provide humanitarian aid for millions of people, mostly volunteer led. I like to support disaster relief efforts.


My meditation teacher was Satya Narayn Goenka. I'm grateful to have learned Vipassana from him. Meditation helped me calm my mind, which has been extremely beneficial, especially in these tumultuous times. I hope to inspire others to learn how to meditate as well.

Each religion has something beautiful to offer, and we can all learn something from each other. I believe all human beings are equal, and if we approach each other with respect and appreciation, the world becomes a heavenly place.

My mission in life is to bring healing to the world. My job is to comfort and heal the sick. My purpose is also to teach the principles of healthy living and how to prevent disease. It is a great honor and blessing to which I am most grateful. I must pay respect to the incredible teachers I have been fortunate to have studied with:

Doris Rapp, MD. NY Times best-selling author and pioneer in Environmental Medicine. She was like a mother to me, there at my birth and guided me throughout life until her recent passing. She was a great leader in holistic medicine, paving the way for many woman and men.

Christoper McWilliams, ND. Founder of Jade Institute and Pan Am Institute

Joseph Merocola, MD NY Times best-selling author and leader in holistic medicine

Deborah Frances, ND. Also called Beautiful Little Dancing Crow in the Lakota tradition

Robert Young, Ph.D. Author of the pH Miracle and expert in nutritional microscopy

Judy Peabody, ND. Faculty at the National College of Natural Medicine

Ralph Weiss, ND. Author and doctor to Edgar Cayce

Each one has made an indelible imprint in my soul and contributed to the kaleidoscope of colors of eclectic medicine, which we naturopaths are called. We draw from many traditions and healing arts to create new, innovative ways to heal. Today's challenges are unique. We see diseases we have never seen before. These require doctors to think in different ways, expand beyond the current protocols and try new things. Old, fixed protocols often do not work.

Each person is unique, as are the challenges in life that create their condition. Therefore, their remedy should be unique as well. Aromatherapy provides this through the creation of custom healing blends. This is my favorite healing tool. Naturopathic doctors are also herbalists. However, some don't use herbs as much. I feel herbs should be part of every healing protocol, and the essential oils provide deeper, more profound healing than just the herbal remedies in tincture, tea, or capsule form. Utilizing our sense of smell produces a dramatic change in our emotional state and brain chemistry, which can shift our mood very fast. Plant remedies are so powerful. I'm constantly amazed at the miraculous results they produce. 

The healing results from using essential oils do not come from the phytochemical constituents, which the intellectually one-sided professors tend to promote. The true healing comes from the Angel Deva of the plant and the strength of its presence in the oil. This varies based on how people have treated the land with which it was grown, how the plant was nurtured, all the way from seed to distillation to bottling. If it is not done with integrity at any point, the Deva's will not inhabit the product. They will abandon it. The product will feel flat like the lights have gone out. It's like fizzy drinks that have lost the fizz. There is an aura around plant material, and when the Deva is present, it is very bright and robust, very tangible. After using oils that I have formulated, people often comment that they have never smelled anything like it. I feel this is due to the presence of the Devas. I also feel using high-quality violet glass enhances the smell and preservation of the products.

Violet Glass is an incredible product. The founder spent 11 years researching how to best preserve sun remedies. It has crushed amethyst blown into the glass. I’ve been using the glass for many years and feel it truly has protective properties.

Some products you find on store shelves have no healing energy. This is because of the consciousness of the people who produced them. Some people have no interest in healing. Their sole intention for creating something is to profit. The Nature Kingdom witnesses this and responds accordingly. They don't infuse products like this with healing energy. Some people are not sensitive or attuned to this level of energy, but many people are. Whether you feel or notice this, results are the bottom line. 

When I learned the spiritual aspect of plant medicine, it inspired me to create quality control beyond the normal parameters. People first inquire if the oil is organic. Now people are also concerned beyond organic and focus on sustainability. Organic doesn't necessarily mean sustainable. Sustainable farming is more comprehensive, looking at maintaining the integrity of the soil, rotating crops, embracing biodiversity, managing water wisely, considering the whole ecosystem of the farm. It may be hard to conceptualize until you have seen it in person. 

Many people experienced in aromatherapy understand that for the highest quality oils, 100% organic is not possible. Some oils are best obtained from wildcrafted sources. This means that the plant material to be distilled is obtained from plants growing in the wild. No human planted or cultivated it. They are not from a farm or greenhouse. They were growing wild on a mountain or field.

An example is frankincense. I prefer it from Oman rather than Somalia or India, however the Omani frankincense is gathered in the wild and not certified organic. The aroma is incredible and I always experience powerful healing results with this oil.

Many places where plant material is from are farmed fundamentally, using an ox to plow the field, and people harvest them by hand with machetes. Often tools are used that they hammered and made themselves. While in India, I watched women sitting on the side of the road pounding metal with a hammer to make tools! Often farms in rural areas don't have the money for pesticides. The oils may be of exceptional quality, but the growers don't have the resources to obtain official certification. Therefore, looking for every ingredient in a product to have USDA certification is not my goal. Having exceptional quality and effective medicine that is pure is. We utilize gas chromatography-mass spectrometry and another analytical testing to establish the purity of each, but the human nose is the best judge.

Adulteration is a massive problem in the essential oil business. Sneaky chemists think they can outsmart the human nose. However, those trained in the skill of organoleptic assessment can detect this ridiculous act of fraud in a millisecond (a handy skill I like to teach my students). This is because the exquisite intelligence of the human body's signals, the autonomic nervous system, and the olfactory nerve never lie. Once you have mastered this, you will never be fooled.

The undertaking of launching an essential oil company has been an intense pursuit of mine which has spanned 20 years. I've been sourcing oils from around the world and making blends for patients for a wide variety of conditions. All of the blends I've created are established from clinical practice. I've met people who have launched essential oil companies in 1-2 months, but they had no hand in it. They created a nice Instagram account and asked a contract manufacturer to bottle the oils for them and dropship. There is no art in this or quality control. While these oils may be nice for cleaning products or candles, I find they have minimal healing potential. 

I feel that integrity in every aspect of bottling is the most critical factor, which led me to travel to India and see how the process is truly done. I got to see the distillation process, meet the farmers, the people who plant and harvest the plants, and most importantly, connect with the land. The beauty and diversity of India's land are enchanting. The area I visited looked like Sedona, with red mountains and huge canyons.

In winery, the term terroir is used to describe the environmental factors which affect the wine. The term is not used much in aromatherapy, but I feel it should be. When deciding which oils to stock, like lavender, I could not figure out why I just like Bulgarian the best. Part of me felt I should like French or high altitude as other "sophisticated experts" would suggest, but my nose was not as happy. Bulgarian lavender feels better to me. It smells sweeter to my olfactory palate. So I don't carry any other lavender. I don't see the point in carrying 3 or 5 different ones. I carry the one I feel is the best! I love florals, and it makes me happy. When I meditated on it, I realized it must be the terroir, the land! I haven't had the good fortune to visit Bulgaria yet, but I'm looking forward to it. There is nothing like meeting the plants in person. The land looks so beautiful.

Distillation is an art, and I am committed to using only the highest quality essential oils that I can find. If I run out of something and a lesser quality oil is offered, I will wait and tell my customers I'm out rather than sell something I'm not proud of. I often speak to customers who have no idea that they were using synthetic perfume oils. I will never sell perfume oils or synthetic oils, even for candle-making. To my nose, they are an irritant and harmful to the body. Although I grew up with things like apple-smelling shampoo, lily of the valley perfume, etc., I could never use such harmful substances once I was educated. One of my missions is to elevate your olfactory products' standards and recognize how beneficial it is to abandon all synthetics and use authentic, high-quality essential oils. What a joy this is! Much can be shared about this as there are so many factors and species of plants. I will be sharing more about my travels and experiences on my blog, so I hope to see you there.

I've had a successful career as a licensed naturopathic doctor in California, treating the Hollywood elite for over a decade. It's taken me on exciting adventures, backstage at places like the Grammy's, the Oscars, your favorite legendary shows like Saturday Night Live, court-side at NBA games, WBA fights, film sets, and rock concerts. I never imagined I would give IVs on private jets, treat my childhood idols and travel to different countries for my healing abilities.

People often ask me how I got here. I would say I, myself, am nothing. It's only by the grace of God, Jesus, Mother Mary, and the angels that I could do anything. I showed up and kept showing up. I never stopped. I have an earnest work ethic and devoted myself 100% to my career. I renounced family life so I could be of greater service to the world. 

God has blessed me with the awakening of the six senses, mainly the gift of sight (clairvoyance) and the gift of healing with my hands. I believe anything can be healed if given the right conditions. So I try to be a conduit for that healing to happen. 

My focus now is on product creation and teaching. I feel I can help more people this way. Every day I get messages from people who feel such joy when they use the oils and tell me it has enhanced their life. Essential oils are fun to use when you are healthy, and it's very empowering when you are feeling unwell to make your own healing remedies. I want you to learn how to use the often untapped resource of the plant kingdom. Learning how to use herbs and essential oils is fun and rewarding, whether you're interested in beauty, DIY cosmetics, or healing. 

The oils have brought tremendous comfort, healing, and inspiration to my patients. It is my greatest joy to share them with you. 

I invite you to browse, purchase what calls to your heart, enjoy their beauty and share with others.

To your abundant health!

With lots of love,


Dr. Matea Polisoto