Our mission is to bring healing to people by providing the highest quality essential oils. We support small, biodynamic farms and artisan distillers. We hand pour everything and bottle in precious, violet glass to preserve the shelf life and energy of the plant material. 

Our Core Values


At Aromadivina we love what we do. We love essential oils. We feel that love is the most basic human need that we all have. Everything we do is infused with that love and it creates an atmosphere at our office- it's tangible. People often say they love the vibe at our place. I was inspired and believe in the work of Dr. Emoto with water. He showed that words have a profound effect on water and under the microscope create beautiful crystaline structures. I feel essential oils are the same. When they are handled with love, care and positive energy, the oils have a higher vibration and frequency. They have more healing power. They also smell different. People often say that our oils smell "sweeter". 


Integrity is the foundation of Aromadivina. Everything we do, from the sourcing of plant materials, the packaging material we choose, how we treat our employees, as well as how we market, has to be ethical, ecological, and considering the highest good of everyone. Trust is our most important asset. People trust me with their health care, to take care of their family and to select the best products for them. I consider this a great honor, as well as, responsibility. I want to fulfill my calling to the highest extent possible.


At Aromadivina, we believe the purpose of life is to serve and help others. The purpose of our service is to provide exceptional quality essential oils that bring healing and comfort to people. Our classes, treatments and educational programs help people to take advantage of the powerful botanical healing tools from nature, and how they can enhance their lives. From our foundation and our customer service, we aim to constantly strive to do better in serving our customers.


One of the greatest gifts of essential oils is their ability to bring a smile to people's face. Just smelling a fresh citrus oil can uplift you in a moment. Human beings are meant to have a reciprocal relationship with the plant kingdom. The plants want to be used to heal humanity. That is their purpose. When you live in harmony with nature and use the healing plants, it brings vitality and joy to life. Our work atmosphere must be imbibed with joy. We feel this is infused into our products. 


Creating essential oils is an art form. We treat every oil as sacred. Our motto is "Every drop is precious."

Many of our blends have a spiritual focus, especially with our anointing oils. Our customers seek to use our oils for spiritual practice, meditation and healing. We believe aromatherapy is an ancient art and the rituals of healing and beautification of the body have been somewhat lost. We desire to resurrect this ancient art and advance the practice of aromatherapy. We believe that the plants have an intelligence and this intelligence inhabits the oils if they are handled properly.  Conversely, if not handled with care, that healing energy is abandoned in some products, which feel hallow or dead (as in many products found on store shelves). This is why we strive to provide direct to consumer sales on the internet and at our seminars. We want to place product directly into our customers hands, to preserve the healing vibration of the plants.