Relaxing Hair Tonic

Relaxing Hair Tonic

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This is a lovely, floral recipe created for overall relaxation and to support people going through accelerated hair loss due to stress. 
Sandalwood - has relaxing, nourishing properties and is emollient.
Cape Chamomile - relaxing and anti-inflammatory
Rose Alba - calming, purifying and uplifting
Lavender - calming, antispasmodic
Geranium - balancing, calming
Organic Sweet almond oil as a base.
All oils are either organic or wild crafted, prepared without pesticides.

Suggested use: massage on to scalp at bedtime. It can also be used during the day, best applied in the morning after bathing. For sensitive individuals, please do a patch test and may need to dilute further. These oils are safe for babies, again, should be diluted with your favorite carrier oil to personal tolerance. 

Safety Considerations: These oils are considered GRAS (generally recognized as safe). We use only 100% pure essentials with no synthetic perfume oils. Therefore allergy reactions are very rare. For sensitive individuals, in the unusual event of an allergic reaction, if redness or irritation occurs, apply a carrier oil to the scalp to dilute and soothe. Take appropriate allergy medication as needed and contact your physician if necessary.

This oil is bottled in precious violet glass. Eleven years of research went into the creation of this glass. The intention was to find the best shade of glass that would protect medicines from sunlight. The glass actually has crushed amethyst in it. I find it enhances the smell and preserves the shelf life. It's a much higher quality of glass than brown or blue glass. Many people have tried to persuade me to use cheaper, less expensive glass but my commitment is to use on the highest quality ingredients and packaging material possible. I won't compromise. I highly suggest you recycle the bottle once it is empty. You can soak it in bowl of soap and water and wash it out, use it for making your own personal blends. We sincerely hope you enjoy this wonderful essential oil.  

Note: these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.