Stress Release Aura Mister

Stress Release Aura Mister

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This blend was created for relaxation. It contains a powerful blend of floral herbs that are considered nervines - relaxing to the nervous system. These oils are also helpful to relax muscles and makes a great massage oil. 

Ingredients: lavender, cape chamomile, and melissa.
All oils are certified organic in this blend, except the cape chamomile; it's grown without pesticides but has not obtained certification yet.

This blend is limited edition as it contains precious that are rare and in limited supply. Once sold out the product may not be replaced or will have a slight change in formula. Melissa is an incredibly healing oil but infrequently used in aromatherapy due to it's high cost. I feel it is an essential ingredient in any calming blend. The cape chamomile oil we have is incredible but limited in supply. 

Suggested use: Spray 8-12 inches above and in front of your head. Excellent to use before bed and can be sprayed on the sheets as well. Fall asleep with a beautiful fragrance that is also soothing and calming. Do not spray directly on infants. You can spray a piece of cloth or yarn and lie near them and will still have a powerful effect.

When you spray aromatic misters with exquisite healing essential oils, it's not just a room spray. You are purifying, cleansing and uplifting your aura which can have a profound effect on your emotional state. Enjoy the healing power of this blend.

This oil is bottled in precious violet glass. Eleven years of research went into the creation of this glass. The intention was to find the best shade of glass that would protect medicines from sunlight. The glass actually has crushed amethyst in it. I find it enhances the smell and preserves the shelf life. It's a much higher quality of glass than brown or blue glass. Many people have tried to persuade me to use cheaper, less expensive glass but my commitment is to use on the highest quality ingredients and packaging material possible. I won't compromise. I highly suggest you recycle the bottle once it is empty. You can soak it in bowl of soap and water and wash it out, use it for making your own personal blends. We sincerely hope you enjoy this wonderful essential oil.  

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