The Essentials Kit

The Essentials Kit

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Many people have asked me what oils are part of my daily routine and which ones I would take with me while traveling. I have a cute travel bag that fits ten oils and I put together the oils I use the most and feel I could not live without. It contains five blends I've created and five individual oils which I use very often and consider it part of my daily "essentials".  The citrus smile is great to inhale to uplift your mood. I also put it in the diffuser and add to my cleaning products. Eucalyptus is my favorite aura cleaner. I put it in the diffuser daily and inhale it often or waive it around when I need to clear my aura or the room. Frankincense I use as an anointing oil and put in the bath often. Lavender has so many uses, but I use often to relax in the bath and I spray in my sheets. Lymph flow I put on daily after showering and consider it my foundational protection. It also keeps my lymph system flowing and pure. The protection blend is an anointing oil, it has powerful, spiritually protective oils in it. Rosemary is my favorite oil of late, it's a great stimulant, I use in the bath and the diffuser. Rose Sandalwood I wear like perfume, it's a great combination of floral and earthy. These two oils are so sacred, makes me feel so happy when I wear it. Sacred Sustenance is a blend I made for abundance. It's grounding and helps me move out of fear into prosperity consciousness. When I wear it, I always get new ideas and creative inspirations for ideas to expand my service and prosperity. I love vetiver for two reasons, it's a great, earthly personal fragrance and it's the most amazing cicatrisant oil. Cicatrisant oils repair skin so it's part of my first aid kit, I apply to any cut or wound to accelerate the healing. It works amazing. This kit covers many purposes: first aid, relaxation, personal fragrance, bathing, spiritual protection and grounding. Enjoy!

This kit includes:

1. Citrus Smile 10ml, a blend of all the citrus, organic, undiluted, can be used in diffusion.
2. Eucalyptus 10ml, organic, undiluted.
3. Frankincense 10ml, wild-crafted, undiluted.
4. Lavender, Bulgarian, organic, undiluted.
5. Lymph Flow 10ml, a blend of 14 oils diluted in organic olive oil and jojoba oil.
6. Protection 10ml, a blend of 36 oils created for spiritual protection and relaxation.
7. Rosemary 10ml, organic, undiluted.
8. Rose Sandalwood 10ml, diluted in organic jojoba oil.
9. Sacred Sustenance 10ml, a blend of 22 grounding essential oils diluted in organic jojoba.
10. Vetiver 10ml organic, undiluted.

Note: all essential oils are hand-selected for quality and are either organic, wild-crafted or ethically harvested. 

Note: these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.