White Rose Moisturizer


White Rose Moisturizer

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Enjoy this rare and precious white rose oil as a daily moisturizer. Pure steam-distilled rose is far more luxurious than any synthetic perfume or fragrance. White rose is even more rare and hard to find. This oil has a very high vibration. When you apply it to your body, it is very healing and uplifting. It can elevate your mood and state of mind. We placed it in a blend of olive oil and jojoba. It has a light feel, moisturizing but not too heavy, it soaks in and gives your skin a nice, soft feeling. 

Roses have the unique gift of healing the heart and emotional body. It helps us to open the heart, which enables you to release tension, stress and stored emotions. When the heart is open, the light from the heart chakra cycles through the whole body, nourishing and soothing all the organs. Healing the heart is crucial to our overall health and well-being. All healing starts in the heart and then radiates out to the body. Rose oil can help with healing grief, anger, sadness, irritability and almost all disharmonious states of mind. It's healing action is gentle and subtle. You simply wear it daily and over time you will notice a relaxation and ease. Rose is a nervine and can help you fall asleep and have deeper, restorative sleep. 

Adulteration is a common occurence with rare and precious oils like rose. We never use any synthetics, only 100% pure steam-distilled white rose oil. Many people are used to absolutes, rose oil extract with chemicals to enhance the yield. We prefer the most pure rose oil and do not use any absolutes.

True essential oils are absorbed in the skin and if you want to maintain the odor during the day, they must be re-applied. You can apply more oil to pulse points, like the wrist, neck, back of the knees and elbows. We recommend you purchase the 5ml or 10ml size which you can carry during the day. Inhaling the aroma and applying repeatedly during the day enhances the healing effect. Many people wear it simply as their personal fragrance, instead of perfume. I like to apply a little to my scalp and hair products in the morning. During the day as you work and sweat, the aroma of roses releases from your head in the most delightful way. 

There are many ways to use this oil, in the bath, as a moisturizer, as a perfume and hair tonic. 

This oil is truly rare, precious and unique. We hope you enjoy it's wonderful healing properties and aroma.