Deep Relaxation Protocol

Deep Relaxation Protocol

Deep Relaxation Protocol

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I Hope you try this out and get GREAT benefits as I do!
This practice is beneficial to do at night to help relax and assist with falling asleep easily, and having deep restorative sleep.
This practice is helpful for:

Wellness and Longevity
Prevention of Disease
Healing Anxiety
Healing Insomnia
Healing Hair Loss
Relieving Stress

Organic Lavender Candle

Six months ago, my hair started falling out in clumps. After freaking out and running many tests, we determined I was healthy, and the cause was ANXIETY

I thought I was handling stress ok, but my body was telling me different.

It was kind of a relief (that it wasn’t cancer or something worse), but then it left me with, how do I heal this? Healing anxiety is not easy. It’s been more of a path and journey than one specific thing, but I wanted to share what was MOST helpful right away. After doing this for five straight days, I can honestly say I didn’t feel anxious anymore. My hair completely stopped falling out, and I have not had any hair loss since. 

I added other tools, but this practice made me feel like I was standing on dry ground, trying not to fall into a pit, versus feeling like I’m in quicksand, wishing someone else would hoist me out. Unfortunately, no one else can reach into our brain and turn off the anxiety switch we have to heal ourselves.

Daily practices to calm down and help to train our brain and soul to relax, can make a life-changing difference.

Organic lavender essential oil spa

Bedtime Deep Relaxation Practice

This protocol is based on two things: taking an aromatherapy alkaline bath and then applying essential oils to your body afterward, right before you go to bed. It's pretty simple. I do a self-massage, but if you don't know how to do this or don't feel like doing it, you can just rub the oils on your body, so they soak in. It will still be helpful. This can be done nightly. 

There are a few instances in which you should not do this:

- Pregnancy (the hot water and oils are too much during pregnancy) 

- If you have an open wound or cut. The salt and essential oils can irritate an open wound. 

Other circumstances, in which you need to use caution and may need to consult a health practitioner first, are:

Edema - if you have severe edema, then you can't message yourself. However, you can lightly apply the oils to your skin without pressure.

Orthostatic hypertension - you need to be cautious when standing up getting out of the bath so you don't fall.

Any condition where you may have trouble getting out of the bath - have someone at home who can help you just in case.

Severe liver or kidney disease - your body many not be able to tolerate the oils.

Allergies and/or skin rashes can heal the skin, but everyone's skin is different. Those with severe allergies should do a patch test on their skin before applying anything to the whole body.

Lavender Dreams Organic essential oil

The Essential Oils used:

I utilize a calming blend of oils that I formulated called Lavender Dreams. It includes what is called nervine essential oils. Nervine herbs relax the nervous system, so they help you unwind after a long day. They can be used anytime, but before bed is very helpful. 

You can use lavender essential oil too.

Plant synergies, combining plants with similar healing properties, are more potent and effective.

I combined the floral nerviness: lavender, chamomile, rose, and melissa.

This blend is extraordinary as it has two rare and precious oils that I cannot always get. Cape chamomile from South Africa and a white rose otto from Bulgaria. Rose oils called otto are more precious because they are steam distilled, and no chemicals are used to process them. Rose absolute, which most people sell and buy, utilizes chemicals to process. They are less expensive. I like to use everything that's the highest quality I can find, so I use the rose otto. I hope I can inspire you to use the highest quality as well. Melissa is rarely used in essential oil blends because it is just so darn expensive. However, it is one of the most potent nerving oils, so I use it a lot. I feel this is why I get excellent results with my products.

I tend to get bored using the same fragrance, so I like to alternate the lavender dreams with another blend I made, rose sandalwood. 

This blend combines the beautiful floral of rose with the earthy, grounding scent of sandalwood. Rose is a nervine, and sandalwood is considered a sedative herb. So it is similar to a nerving but even more calming.

This protocol has been amazing for me!
I couldn't believe it shut off my brain at night. 

After this practice, I feel so relaxed. My mind completely shuts off, no more processing my day and thinking about what I have to do tomorrow. I fall into a deep, solid sleep for 7-8 hours without waking up. 

I wake up feeling refreshed and renewed. 

Quality sleep is crucial to good health and being able to handle stress. 

Deep relaxation is crucial to healing hair loss. When the body is stressed, the muscles and nerves get tense, creating acidity and inflammation in the body. The combination of acids being released and tension, blocks the flow of blood, nutrition, and oxygen to the hair. Also, when people are stressed, they either under-eat or eat too many comfort foods. All of these factors contribute to hair loss.

For me, I knew what was urgent was to get myself to get deeply relaxed.

Aromatherapy Bath

Aromatherapy Alkaline Bath


  1. Lavender Dreams essential oil blend or Rose Sandalwood (both are calming). Or you can use just plain lavender essential oil. I alternate between the two and both make me feel awesome.
  2. 1 pound epsom salt
  3. 2 pounds baking soda
  4. Plastic Bowl or measuring cup to mix  











Fill the tub with hot water. I highly recommend getting an infrared thermometer to check the temperature. It helps so much with speeding up the process.

I love this so much!


It only costs $21.




I used to fill the bathwater too hot. I’d try to get in it and almost burn myself. Or I’d wait too long, and it would get cold, then I’d have to add more hot water. It drove me nuts. After I got this thermometer, I was so happy. As it’s filling, I check it a few times, make sure it’s where I want it to be, and then I can get right in. It’s a time saver.

I find I like my bath at precisely 105 degrees. If it’s hotter, then I get uncomfortable, and I can’t stay in as long as I’d like. If it’s cooler, I feel like my muscles don’t relax as much as I want. 

Once the bath is full, you can add the oils. First, you have to mix them with baking soda and salt. If you’re using the lavender dreams blend, it’s already in jojoba oil, so you can add 8-10 drops. If you are using undiluted lavender, then 2-5 drops are sufficient. Next, mix them with baking soda and salt before putting them in the water. This is an important step. If you pour straight essential oils into the bath, they can float on the top of the water and burn your skin. I’ve done this, and it’s not fun. 

Note: do not just pour a bunch of oils in the water or salt. More is not better. I remind people, it’s not just the odor that’s helping you. It’s the energy of the oils. It doesn’t need to smell strong. It’s cleansing your aura too, which is energetic, not just olfactory.

Do not be stingy with the baking soda. You may be surprised I said two pounds. Yes, this is correct. I want you to use two whole pounds of baking soda in the bath. I discovered this protocol years ago and have found it to be incredibly healing. Baking soda is very alkalinizing to your body. My patients have used this for all sorts of issues with great relief, including sore muscles, joint pain, fever, anxiety, nightmares, headache, stress, lymph diseases, and more.

Soak for as long as you like. I usually suggest 20 minutes as a minimum, but 30-60 minutes is a good range. You can soak longer too. Sometimes I get so blissed out, I stay in for a long time and keep adding hot water. It's up to you. 

Since there is a lot of baking soda and salt, which is a little drying to the skin, I suggest rinsing it off before going to bed. I keep a plastic cup near the tub and pour it over me with fresh warm water as the tub is draining. Or you can jump into the shower. I'm usually so relaxed that I want to go right to bed and don't feel like getting into the shower.

Lavender Massage Oil

Self Massage with Calming Oils

After you finish the bath and dry off, it’s best to do the massage in bed so you can drift off to sleep right after.

This part is so awesome. I’ve had some of the most amazing healing from doing this.

I started this practice when I had to work 12-14 hour days, seven days a week, and I felt so much tension building in my muscles, especially in my neck. I call them boulders in your shoulders! I was too busy to get a regular massage, so I started doing it myself.

I use the lavender dreams blend massage oil. It has the calming oils: lavender, rose, chamomile and melissa, in a base of almond oil and jojoba.

I also massage my face but use plain almond oil for this. My face is sensitive and tends to react to essential oils and herbs, so I keep it simple. Some of my patients use the lavender dreams, but I suggest diluting it in half or 1/3 with a carrier oil since it’s designed for the body and the face is more sensitive. I feel it’s too high of a concentration for the face. I find plain almond oil works great, or olive oil. Coconut oil can be a bit too rich and clogs pores if you have oily or combination skin. It’s not as good for lymph circulation. You can also use whatever facial cream you normally use.

The Benefits

Essential oils massage moves lactic acid and other metabolic acids out of the tissues. It relaxes the muscles, prevents cramps, muscles spasms, and soreness. Nervine, calming oils help you sleep more deeply and keeping you more in touch with your own body. I believe this can prevent you from manifesting illness as you are more in tune with yourself. You tend to be more kind to yourself overall.

Self massage can release stored up emotions and help you to release the day, avoiding tension build up. It also encourages self-reliance. You heal yourself by giving to yourself, then feel less reliant upon others. I find this empowering.

You feel loved and well taken care of. Lastly, the oils can help reduce anger and feeling like a victim of life.

One Last Step!

Before going to sleep, the last thing I do is spray my pillows and above my head with two blends, the protection spray and the lavender dreams formula in a mister. I love falling asleep with good smells all around me.

I love what one of my patients said. He told me his daughter said, “Dad, I always sleep good, but when I spray the oils, my dreams are sweeter.”\

I put together this kit of all the oils I use. I call it the deep relaxation package.

Organic Essential Oils for Relaxation

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