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How I Plan to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

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My Strategy for Staying Healthy During the Holidays

My main strategy for staying healthy during the holidays is to:

Keep your channels of elimination open!


To avoid getting a cold or sick, you have to make sure your bowels, lymph and urinary tract are clear, flowing and eliminating properly.

Before you ever catch a cold, your body has to become vulnerable in some way. Some of the ways are:

  • Not hydrating enough
  • Not having 2-3 bowel movements per day
  • Not sweating (which cleanses the lymph system)


The remedy is to drink enough water, make sure you poop 2-3 times per day and exercise until you sweat. Most people are shocked when I tell them they have to poop 2-3 times per day. They say, “you mean per week?!” I formulated a bowel product called the “poop pills” (my patients name it, not me, I swear!)

We don’t normally list it on the website due to limited supply, but I want to make sure people stay healthy during the holidays, so we are releasing some bottles. I take one pill at night, it takes about ten hours and then you should wake up and have a great elimination.

The other product I use to stay regular is called the “flat tummy” formula. It’s to avoid bloating. It has carmnitive herbs in it. They prevent and release gas. This formula also helps you to be regular. It supports digestion. I take a dropper with each meal and at bedtime. You can also just make some peppermint and fennel tea. Steep fresh or dried herbs for 5 min, then drink 1-2 cups per day.

If you don’t get a chance to exercise every day, you can move your lymph system by taking a hot bath. I use an alkaline bath formula with 1 pound epsom salt, 2 pounds of baking soda and 15 drops of the lavender dreams formula, since it is very relaxing. It helps to sleep at night.

Lavender Relaxation Massage Body Essential Oil

Use Lymphagogue herbs to keep the lymphatic system clean. Your lymph system is part of your immune system. It helps to clear waste out of the body and helps to transport white blood cells. Our lymph system gets clogged from eating cooked fats (such as French fries), sugar and acidic foods like coffee and alcohol. It also gets clogged from being sedentary. The symptoms of lymph congestion are:

  • Tender, swollen, bumpy or hard lymph nodes
  • Water retention
  • Difficult losing weight
  • Irritability (you feel stuck)
  • Rings too tight
  • Pants too tight
  • Shoes feel too tight
  • Headache
  • Overall feeing toxic

To prevent getting sick, keeping your lymph healthy is a helpful strategy.

The lymph flow daily moisturizer is great for applying to your neck and whole body. It penetrates the skin, is absorbed into the blood stream and help to purify the lymphatic system. This is something you can do quick and easy. I apply it after the aromatherapy alkaline bath with lavender dreams. I don’t recommend the lymph flow for the bath, it has oils that can feel too stimulating.

Lymphagogue essential oil

The other product I’m obsessed with is Gut Shots by Farmhouse Culture. They are available at Bristol Farms. I take 1/8 cup 3x/day. Fermented foods are amazing at helping you be regular.


  1. Drink 1 gallon of pure water per day. (I drink Mountain Valley in glass or Icelandic in glass)
  2. Exercise for at least 30 min and make sure you sweat.
  3. Take Carminitive herbs or Swedish bitters with meals, peppermint and fennel.
  4. Take a gentle laxative. Fiber is also a good idea. I like Super Seed by Garden of Life.
  5. Take a bath in 1 pound epsom salt, 2 pounds baking soda and lavender dreams or just plain lavender.
  6. Massage lymph flow to whole body and/or your neck 1-2 times per day. Here’s a link to buy:
  7. Try not to overeat and avoid fried and too many sugary foods.

Stay Healthy and Enjoy a Happy Thanksgiving!


Dr. Matea Polisoto


Your Virtual Naturopathic Doctor

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