Lavender For Sore Muscles

Lavender For Sore Muscles

Lavender has a soothing effect on the body, especially the muscles. It's a great oil to mix with a carrier oil, such as olive oil or almond oil and apply as a moisturizer. I like to use it before bed, before or after going out in the sun or any time I need some relaxation. I'm really in love with Bulgarian lavender. After trying so many from different countries, I love this one the most. I smells sweeter and just feels more happy to me. It feels like a heart opening oil.

When I started using essential oils, my friends blind folded me and asked me to test out different lavenders. For each one I was able to tell them which company it was. I have no idea how I knew this, but I could feel the consciousness of the company in the bottle. Most of them repelled me. I started to just buy the oils bulk, right from the farms instead of retail product lines. The medicine women who taught me, instructed that if we hadn't grown and harvested the plants ourselves, we had to cleanse the oil. I do this for every bottle. I test every batch that comes in and it is amazing after I do this, it not only changes the frequency of the oil, but the odor as well. I keep some samples before and after to give to students and everyone notices the difference. 

When I learned organoleptic assessment of oils it changed everything. You learn to listen to your own body's signals and it is an amazing process. It opened up a whole new world to me. You have more discernment, but it extends far beyond just testing products or scents. You learn to listen to your own intuition and become more inhabited in your body. More grounded and overall more discerning of things. Nature is always speaking to us, if we would only listen. Our connection to nature is the key to our vitality and our health. Learning nature's medicines is a joy and helps us in so many ways.

Lavender essential oil massage

I decided to create a blend of all the calming oils that are flowers. I called it, Lavender Dreams™. It comes in a 10ml travel size, a massage oil and a mister. I love to spray the mister on my sheets before bed and when I wake up. It's so nice to fall asleep to beautiful aromas in your bed. The travel size is great to put in your purse, I always keep it on hand wherever I go. If I get stuck in traffic, just inhaling a little bit calms me down. We don't have a diffuser blend of this yet. You should not put it in a diffuser since it has a carrier oil. Diffusers are only meant to have undiluted oils in them.

The massage oil is mixed with my two favorite carrier oils, almond oil and lavender, sometimes I add olive oil. I prefer this over using cream. All store bought creams have chemical emulsifiers and preservatives. I try to avoid those. When I use oils mixed with jojoba, my skin feels super soft, but not too greasy with the jojoba mixed in it. I like the feeling that only natural oils are going into my body. 

I call this current inventory "limited edition" because some of the other ingredients we can't always get. The cape chamomile is so wonderful but not always in stock. I prefer it over any other chamomile, the smell is just fantastic. Then I added rose alba which is so precious and hard to get. When I first used it, I fell in love and then the rose crops were bad and you couldn't get any for years. It's very expensive so I used just a touch, but it gives a wonderful uplifting finish to the blend. 

Hope you give it a try and let us know how you like it! 



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